Calendar Updates

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The Christmas play has been moved to December 19th at 6pm.

We will have a 1/2 day on December 21st.


Christmas Craziness Week


1. Christmas Musical - Our Christmas Musical, “Christmas in Hawaii,” will be presented on Wednesday, December 19th at 6:00 pm. All students must attend the performance as it is part of their music grade and will impact their average in Language Arts as well. Students missing for any reasons will be required to write a multiple page essay.

2. Crazy Christmas Hat Day – On Monday, December 17th, students are encouraged to wear a crazy Christmas hat to school. The hat must be Christmas themed, non-offensive, and contain appropriate content. In the afternoon, students who have completed their work will get to watch a Christmas themed movie if they have their hat. Please note, that hat must be wearable and cannot interfere with school work.

3. Reindeer Games – On Tuesday, December 18th, we will be playing some Christmas themed games. Students should bring gym clothes in case we go outside. We will have some “interesting” rewards.

4. Christmas Merit Store/Tacky Christmas Shirt Day – On Wednesday, December 19th, we will be having a merit store where students can use their merits to purchase small gifts/crafts for someone at home. Also, students are encouraged to wear a tacky Christmas shirt to school. Please follow the rules in the hat section above for this shirt.

5. Caroling At the Care Home – On Thursday, December 20th, we will be taking students whose work is caught up and who have been participating in our Christmas activities to carol at a local care home. These students will receive a reward for their participation. Also, report cards will be going home that day. 

6. ECS Spelling Bee / Pizza Lunch for Merits / Half Day – On Friday, December 21st, we will be having our first Spelling Bee at ECS. Parents/Guardians can attend the Spelling Bee, but the pizza lunch will be only for students as the pizza is purchased by merits. Lunch will follow the spelling bee. Also, we will be having a half day and school will end at noon. Lists of words were given out several weeks ago.


About Us

Englewood Christian School Values Individuality.

Every child is a wonderfully unique individual who possesses her or his own learning style and maturity level.  That is why, at Englewood Christian School (ECS), we approach each child as someone with a unique set of talents and learning needs. 

First-Rate Curriculum

At ECS, we strive to keep class size not simply manageable but personal to allow our faculty and staff to better know each student  and aid with her or his learning objectives. We use a combination of ACE ministries curriculum and Alpha and Omega computer curriculum. 

One-on-One Tutoring

Our skilled staff combined with our personal class size allows each student to not only receive instruction in education and values but also tutoring, if necessary, on an individual basis.


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